Choosing a Cute Name for a Boy Cat

cute boy cat namesCat owners like to think about cute boy cat names and unique names to call their feline friends. With the appropriate tips, giving a cute name to your male cat would be fun and easy.

How to decide on a cute name for a boy cat

Consider the physical facet of your cat
The physical facet of your cat can be utilized as grounds for its name. For example for a dark male cat one can name it onyx since onyx is a wonderful dark stone. Cloudy, Milky, Coconut, or Popcorn can be a great name for your white male cat. Brown colored cats names include;Amaretto symbolizing an Italian liquor flavored with almond,Bruno meaning brown,Brownie meaning a mist chocolate cake with nuts. For happy cats use names like Bliss meaning great happiness or Darwin a beloved friend.

You cat’s character
The characteristics and behaviors of a cat should help in coming up with a lovely name for a cat. To really know the character of the cat, observe it for a couple of days right after you bring it home. Adam (God’s creation), Astor (hawk-like), and Axel (divine life source) are some peaceful names for your good male cat. Those cats that have playful personalities could be names Tornado, Trouble or Casanova, which means a male that is highly interested with ladies.

The breed of your pet cat
Learning history of the breed of the boy cat is quite essential in deriving a cute name for it. Persian cats are versatile and have gentle complexion; you could name them Aladdin or Cherub. Blue eyes, medium long hair, and light colored gloves are the qualities of the Birman breed cats. Armand, Kai lachie (warrior), or Hannibal (god of fertility and fortune). The Siamese bred cats are clever and lively. Chester or Cosmos is a great name for your male cat. Balines breed have a long hair siamese with sapphire blue eyes and and plumed tail. Cats with this breed can be named Avalanche, Avatar, Adonis, or AkerBlug (means insect).

Respectful name for the kitten
A cat which is white will feel disrespected when you call it Brownie. It would affect the behavior of the cat towards you. Names allow you to have a good relationship with your cat, and that means you have to name your cat appropriately.

Origin of the cat
The cat’s origin might help you in looking for the best name for it. Arabic cats could be named Ali, Akbar and Amir, which mean Prince. Cats with Scottish origins may be known as Baird, Bean (fair-skinned), or Adair (oak tree). French cats may be names Aimee (beloved), Ansel (servant) or Agustin.

Try the name creator
This involves use of the internet to search a name to give your kitten if you intend to make it exceptional. One can log on numerous website select a name from the categories provided by the internet. You will find names such as Ajax and Akita from these site.

Your tone and the way you call the cat will have an effect on its behavior towards you, so make sure you are persistent with the way you call it.

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